Patient-focused Drug Therapy experts inpired by Chief Pharmacist, Murad Younis, Pharm.D

      Board Certified* Pharmacotherapy Specialist
      Board Certified* Nutrition Support Pharmacist
      Board Certified* Psychiatric Pharmacist
      Board Certified* Oncology Pharmacist
      Board Certified* Ambulatory Pharmacist
      Board Certified* Advanced Diabetes Manager
      Sport Nutrition Specialist
      Certified Nutrition Support Clinician® (CNSC®)
    *American Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties
Providing optimal drug therapy across the continuum of care Outreaching to patients where they live, work and play.
We are the drug therapy experts in an interdisciplinary team aiming to implement evidence-based best practice to provide the best drug therapy to people where they live, work play and learn.

Our Services

Compliance Package

Accurate & error-resistant packaging solutions.


Everything you need to know about your medication.


A variety of therapies delivered to your home.


Our patients receive our services where they live, work and play.

Our Pharmacists

Marwah Younis, RPh, CDE, CRE, CGP
Marwah Younis, RPh, CDE, CRE, CGPDirector of Home-Centred Pharmacy Services
Mona Younis, RPh
Mona Younis, RPhDirector of Clinical Education
  • Doctor of Pharmacy- University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)- University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours)- Queen’s University

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