Murad Younis, PharmD, BCPS

President / Chief Pharmacist

Murad’s Certifications

  • Board Certified* Pharmacotherapy Specialist
  • Board Certified* Nutrition Support Pharmacist
  • Board Certified* Psychiatric Pharmacist
  • Board Certified* Oncology Pharmacist
  • Board Certified* Ambulatory Pharmacist
  • Board Certified* Advanced Diabetes Manager
  • Sport Nutrition Specialist

*American Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties


I am writing to notify you of the singular accomplishment of Murad Younis, PharmD, President, Seamless Care drug Therapy and Westmount Pharmacy in Peterborough, Ontario. Dr. Younis now has the distinction of being the only pharmacist in the world currently certified in four of the six specialties recognized by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS). This past October, he added the specialty of Oncology Pharmacy to the three others (Nutrition, Support Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy and Psychiatric Pharmacy) that he previously held.

On a personal note, I have very much enjoyed meeting and talking with Dr. Younis at professional meetings over several years. He clearly conveys a remarkable level of professional expertise and obvious commitment to the advancement of clinical pharmacy practice and his patients’ welfare. With his now-unique specialty certification status, Dr. Younis will surely continue to be a significant contributor and leader in Canadian Pharmacy.

Please contact me if I can provide any additional information about the BPS program.

– Richard J. Bertin, PhD, RPh
Executive Director

Board of Pharmacy Specialties