Med Packaging

One in four emergency room visits are the result of medication related issues. Packaged prescriptions like the med pouch and blister pack have been shown to reduce the incidence of medication errors occurring with patients by minimizing the confusion involved with multiple prescriptions. Our compliance solutions include blister packages and med pouch which are customized, simple to use and safe. For more details on our medication packaging options.

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Blister Pack

Westmount Pharmacy offers an automated packaging service, the first of its kind in Ontario for a community pharmacy. Although this is common practice in larger institutions like nursing homes and hospitals, blister packaging for the service of the community is innovative.

Automation of this service with our state-of-the-art technology increases the accuracy of packaging and also allows our staff more time to communicate with our clients and other medical professionals.

Blister packaging pre-packages a patient’s medications for a full week by time of day (morning, lunch, supper, bedtime) in order to provide the safe delivery of prescribed drugs to our clients. It eliminates risks associated with handling drugs, ensures the right medications are taken at the correct time of day, and saves preparation time as patients no longer have to sort their medications.

The blisters are transparent and clearly labeled. It is a safe, accurate, easy to use, and convenient way of taking medication.

The pharmacist preparing your prescriptions places the pills in the DISPILL blister pack according to the time of day and number of days you have to take them.

Leaving the pharmacy, all you are carrying is your Blister Pack, not lots of bottles…

Blister Pack+ is

  • A new medication distribution system
  • A very simple to use and anyone who has to take one or more medications will find it very convenient
  • And is now available with Personalized Images!

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Westmount Pharmacy is proud to be one of a few pharmacies in Canada to equip an integrated PacMed® and PACVision® computerized packaging and verifying system.

It is the most advanced medication packaging system. Within this system, medications are automatically dispensed and packaged into MedPouches. Each MedPouch is scanned by PACVision® to verify its content through a sophisticated computer system.
It reduces the medication error from occurring during the dispensing stage to less than 0.0001%.

• Computerized dispensing, packaging and verifying system eliminates human errors
• Clear packaging allows for easy checking
• All medications for each administration time in one pouch
• Clearly labeled with detailed information
• Accurate and flexible packaging
• Organized in a personalized dispenser and easy to use
MedPouch provides a clear packaging system that organizes multi doses for an individual at each flexible medication administration time. Detailed information of patient and medications are clearly labeled on every pouch. The pouch starts with the first dose and ends with the last dose. MedPouch can be rolled by its chronological sequence in a dispenser that has a patient’s photo on it.